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10 Important Details to Include for your Photographer

Hey soon-to-be brides! Love those wedding flat lay/details photos floating around Pinterest when you search for "Wedding Photography"? Same here! Important details like the rings, florals, invitation suites all can be photographed beautifully on the wedding day and can be gorgeous extras to include in your gallery!

The best way to pack & bring these details for the big day would be to place all the items in a bag or box. This way all the details are in one place and were not running around looking items & wasting time.

Here are the 10 important details to include for your photographer:

Bridal Dress

As your wedding photographer, I’ll normally photograph the dress before all the other details. This way I can give it back to you as soon as possible so you can get ready!

3 Rings

Make sure to have all 3 rings available to include in your flat lays/details. This can also include the ring box, or we can ring boxes we have in our collection and use them to photograph your rings in.

Invitation Suite

You can mail your photographer a copy prior to the wedding, OR you can place an extra copy in the bag or box alongside all the details you’re bringing on the day of.


Be sure to have the bouquet and boutonniere arrive before your photographer does!

Extra Tip! Ask your florist to provide you with extra flowers/petals to be used while styling your flat lays/details.


The more details the better! These are a great addition to your details!


Any type of jewelry you are wearing, be sure to hand them to your photographer to include as well!

Garter & Perfume

Wearing one? Include it as well! Perfume bottles are a nice touch. The look very elegant in your flat lay/details photos.


If you have a handful of heirloom quilts or blankets, consider bringing those along in the box or bag. We’ll find a creative and beautiful way to incorporate them in the detail’s photos. Sentimental items should be brought along as well.

Additional Items

Have your something new, old, borrowed & blue? Bring them along! It’s nice to include some traditional items in these as well.


Make sure to have all your details ready too! This will include

· Shoes

· Tie/Bowtie

· Belt

· Watch

· Cufflinks

· Boutonniere

· Cologne

· Any additional items you want to include to be photographed

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