DIY Vow Books

Whether you've decided to write your own vows or you're going the traditional route, a set of beautiful wedding vow books is the perfect way to hold your special words as you read them at your ceremony.


Vow Book Template

8 1/2" x 11' Linen Card stock (Color of your choice)

Paper Trimmer or Scissors

Printer Paper





Step 1: Size & cut our your linen card stock to measure out to 8 1/2" x 11' (printer paper size). If you're handy with scissors give it a go! I used the Carl Paper Trimmer to make sure I made all cuts even and straight.

Step 2: Download & open the Vow Book Template (word document). This template will have the his & her vows already customized. You can customize yours' & your fiancé's name & wedding location which will appear on the back of the booklet when folded. The template will have dotted lines & scissors which will indicate where you need to cut or trim to make the booklet.

Step 3: Place your sized linen card stock in the printer tray. Print the first page (His & Hers Vow) on your linen card stock and the remainder of the 3 pages on regular printer paper. These pages will be the inside of your book which will be where you can both write your vows for each other.

Step 4: Trim or cut (with scissors) all edges/dotted lines shown on each printed sheet. Once you have done so, you will be left with 4 sheets which you can now fold halfway, "hamburger style" (as my school teachers always said) and place the individual printer paper sheets into the folded card stock (Cover).

Step 5: Place two staples on the top & bottom bind of the booklet to secure all the pages in place. Don't worry, these staples will be covered by your ribbon in the next step!

Step 6: With your chosen color & type of ribbon, cut out a piece of ribbon to your desired length. The ribbon should be tied on the outside of the booklet, around the bind. If you need to, you can add some glue to the top & bottom of the bind to make sure the ribbon stays in place.

There you have it! Your beautiful vow booklets made just for you, by you!