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Unplugged Ceremonies

If you're not familiar unplugged ceremonies, they are essentially when you request that guests turn off all their devices for the ceremony. This allows the photographer to work more freely with no worry of getting guests in their shots! As a photographer, there is nothing worse than trying to photograph the bride coming down the aisle and someone stick their phone out in front of you (yes, it's happened)

I think these are a great idea, and I've had so many of my couples do them with amazing success! Guests are typically respectful if you ask them to not take photos during the ceremony and it will reflect in your photos. This especially shows in the wider shots: you'll either see a lot of guests holding up their phones for photos, or your guests sitting and enjoying the moment!

To make this happen at your ceremony, I recommend first having a sign at the entrance of the ceremony that encourages guests to put away their devices! You can also include a short sweet line on your ceremony program that requests that no one have their devices out. You can also request our officiant to announce it a few minutes before the ceremony starts, to reinforce what they've already read!

Not only will your photographer love you, but a beautiful thing happens: your guests are sitting enjoying the moment you two become husband and wife, instead of staring at their screens. What a beautiful way to encourage your guests to unplug for a short amount of time to enjoy such a special moment with the two of you.